city of wells

Green Lane Farm     Whitecross     Hallatrow     Bristol     BS39 6ER  

Close to Green Lane B&B is Wells City. The City of Wells has 10,000 residents, making it the smallest City in the UK

The highlight of a visit to Wells City is the magnificent Wells cathedral. Wells Cathedral near Green Lane farm B&B is one of the architectural highlights of Britain, replete with intricate Gothic carvings, a unique scissors vault to brace Wells Cathedral against shifting medieval foundations, and a marvellous chapter house.

Look for the staircase that rises up to the Wells Cathedral chapter house; its worn steps undulate like rolling waves. Mind your step! Wells Cathedral also houses one of the very earliest mechanical clocks still in existence in the UK, with clockwork knights who exchange blows every hour. Wells Cathedral is mostly a product of the 12th - 14th centuries, and embodies the very finest Early Gothic architecture.

Wells City is only 18 minutes away from Green Lane farm Bed and Breakfast (b&b) near Bristol and Bath. A stay at Green Lane Farm B&B means you can get to Wells City in no time and enjoy the whole day at this amazing local Bath and Bristol attraction


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